01. The leader of the party is [ruthless], and will do anything to stay in power.
02. The demonstration was [ruthlessly] put down by government security forces.
03. The government [ruthlessly] suppresses the opposition through murder, torture and intimidation.
04. The Mafia boss had a reputation for [ruthlessness] that terrified everyone around him.
05. He is a [ruthless] businessman who has climbed to the top on the backs of those around him.
06. He is generally a really calm, quiet guy, but when he plays tennis, he is totally [ruthless], and determined to win.
07. Chinese soldier Feng Lei was quoted as saying, "To the class enemy, I am cruel and [ruthless] like harsh winter."
08. The corporation has been [ruthless] in putting down all attempts at unionization by its workers.
09. The terrorists who attacked the city of New York on September 11th, 2001, were [ruthless] killers.
10. The triumphant army [ruthlessly] massacred any soldiers who surrendered.
11. The nomads of Somalia share a way of life that is governed by the [ruthless] Somali desert.
12. Joseph Stalin was a cruel, [ruthless] leader responsible for the imprisonment or death of millions of Russians.
13. Genghis Khan was known as a [ruthless] warrior, and a brilliant military strategist.
14. Many of those who resisted the communist dictatorship in Czechoslovakia were [ruthlessly] eliminated by execution, torture and starvation in labor camps.
15. The Gestapo was notorious throughout Europe for its [ruthless] efficiency.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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